G-KIDS Children's Ministry

Welcome to G-KIDS! We aim to fully engage and teach the gospel using age-appropriate lessons and projects. Classes are offered every Sunday for both morning services. 

What to expect when you come:
Sunday morning, you'll sign in your child at the Kid Check in the church lobby. You'll be given matching parent and kid id tags. Your child will stay with you during worship and upon being dismissed will line up with the designated grade in the church lobby. Children will go to their classes for the duration of the service. When service ends, you may go pick up your child at his/her classroom with the parent tag. If at any point your child needs you, the number on your parent tag will appear on the Parent Monitor in the sancutary during service.

Please note: Check-in closes half an hour after service starts
(First Service: 9:30am, Second Service: 11:45am).

The nursery
Ages 0-2: Located by the church cafe (available for worship and the service).

Toddlers, Early Pre-K
Ages 2-4: Located right next door to the nursery (available for worship and the service).

Pre-K, Kindergarten
Ages 4-5: Enter with G-Kids, classes located on the lower level of the G-Kids wing.

Grades 1-6: Classrooms located in upper 2 levels of the G-Kids wing.