Jr. Church (1st - 6th grade)

Sunday 9 am & 11 am

Service time actually begins 20 minutes before the start time.  During this time, we have many different activities and games that children can decide to participate.  It is a great time to have fun and meet and make new friends!

We begin each service with a time of worship and praise, followed by a fun-filled service.  Every aspect of each service has been planned for them to get engaged and involved in learning from the Bible.  Each lesson is created with a real-life application of God's word for their life.  We always have fun activities and games to build life-long memories and a great community!

Children who attend Jr. Church each have a bank account.  We give out $ (Jr. Church money) for bringing your Bible and for listening and participating.  When a child reaches $100 in their Gkids bank account, they are given a $10 gift card to anywhere they would like.

Every week we have the "Big Blue Box" challenge.  One child is chosen to answer a series of questions from the service.  If they answer all of the questions correctly, they win whatever is in the "Big Blue Box"!